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Rebirthing - conscious, connected breathing - the journey to your power

Rebirthing is the journey back to our first breath. To revive this moment, can free us forever from deep fears that turn into an unprecedented gratitude, to live in this body.


Why is the experience that we have made at our birth is so formative for the rest of our lives, although most people do not remember their birth? And how is it, that our birth affects all our actions? In our consciousness all the details are stored since our conception, which have to do with our survival. This Blaupause for our survival serves us then as guidance for all future situations, in which we are threatened or think it to be. If we have felt pain and struggle during our birth process, and we have survived this, knows and believes our subconscious, that pain and struggle ensure our survival. It is this survival blaupause, through which we look at the world as if through a distorted lens.

Unconscious and conscious

When we do rebirthing, we are in a safe environment and all resistances represent old survival fears. We can then see the patterns of the distorted lens. Everything that does not have to do with well-being are aspects of our false survival strategies. If we can breathe freely in the presence of a "negative" feeling, we are no longer controlled by our old patterns. With increasing rebirthing experience, you do not see the world the way you thought it should be, but the way it is. In the rebirthing, a breathing process with stressed breathing and relaxing exhalation, the consciousness relaxes so that the unconscious can emerge. With the attention to breathing, we embark on the journey to deeper layers of our self. The Rebirther accompanies this journey of discovery by virtue of his intuition and his own experience. Our subconsciousness determines our lives and is the source of our power. Healing happens when the unconscious and conscious are joined and integrated.


Detect energy blockages

The rapid changes are caused by the ability of this atempo process to clarify suppressed feelings and energies. The respiratory center and the feeling center are neurologically linked. When we exhale exhale and relax, the emotional circuit is opened. During a rebirth session, we bring our attention to places in our body, where vitality is suppressed. The art of Rebirther is to accept lovingly without judging, For example, if something was embarrassing, or a very strong feeling is there. Our feelings are connected with thoughts from which our personality is composed and which have impressed our being. These mental and emotional traumas form our "personal law", which guarantees our survival as at birth. We repeat it in childhood and reap parental disapproval. We say it to ourselves - mostly unconsciously - "I am poor", "I am not worth anything", "it is my fault", "I must fight", "life is hard". We ourselves have created these limitations, and can change them by raising awareness in the atemprocess and by choosing life-affirming thoughts.

Become his own teacher

There is a cleansing and integration of thoughts and feelings at the cellular level. If we know our thoughts and feelings that we have suppressed before, we become our own teachers. We are expanding to experience more joy in our concrete life. The less we suppress and control, the more our vibrant and creative energy grows. Most people describe the ongoing results in such a way that they like themselves more, have an increased perception of themselves and others and feel more secure with their feelings. For some, Rebirthing spontaneously brings healing, for others it may be a starting point on the journey to yourself. For me, Rebirthing is an ideal tool for transformation that I use in my daily life. If we have accumulated enough experience in rebirthing process with a well-trained, qualified Rebirther, we acquire the ability to feel safe, to lie down for an hour and to breathe. For devotion to the flow of breath and life, we are rewarded with more love, health, peace and success.

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