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Dr. Ines Howe

T. 0049-170-2443480

email: atman.institut@gmail.com

Liability for content

We have compiled the contents of our pages to the best of our knowledge and belief. A guarantee for the function, actuality, correctness, completeness or quality the information on our Internet pages, the link references and in particular the informationof the linked ("linked") internet pages of the third - party providers (including legalityof the content) can not be accepted in the face of free circulation. The rights to these pages as well as the responsibilitythe content of which is exclusively available to third parties. We dissociate ourselves from any content offered, if the content of a link changes,that information is transmitted,no longer with our interests and of our clients. This applies in particular to content whose distribution is subject to German and foreign lawis prohibited and the aid for the dissemination is prosecuted. Also, we can not guarantee that our sites,our link-links or link-collections or the linked pages themselvesno viruses. In principle, we reject any liability for material or ideational damages,in particular also for consequential damages, which are caused by the use of the information provided by us,as far as they were not caused by willful or grossly negligent behavior.

About Copyright

Our Internet pages are protected by copyright. All rights to the content and the design are attributable to the ATMAN-Institut. The full or partial reproduction, dissemination, Submit (electronically or otherwise), modify or use of our Internet pages for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without our prior written consent. Of course, we are pleased about link references to our sites and ask for this information.