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The breath meditation is based on the conscious, connected breath, which resembles a practice that was used in pre-Buddhist times and presumably by Buddha himself - before his enlightenment.

The breath helps participants to feel and solve blockages, open the heart, and see and integrate their own unloved personality parts in a new perspective.

As the energies can be suppressed, the body can relax deeply, sometimes as deeply as before, at the same time, the mind opens up to inspiration and for reconciling and loving thoughts, the soul feels at home again in its body.

Jeru Kabal, a Californian mystic (1930-2000) is the author of the QLB, with supporting words and inspiring music accompanies the breathing session.

The QLB is suitable for people who already have experience with Integrative Breathing. In individual cases, people can also participate without prior experience.

The QLB takes place in a protected framework with a preliminary and final round and with careful, supporting accompaniment. Please bring loose clothing and socks.