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The Professional Breathing Training

Professional breathing training is suitable for people who are an intensive growth process and qualifies them after graduation as a teacher for Integrative Breathwork. The training is particularly recommended to people who are already in social or health care professions or work as artists. The content of learning is the art and the science of the integrative Breath, as well as information about pre-and perinatal psychology.

Further topics are: Work with the Inner Child, family constellation, clearing and healing of Relationship patterns, clearing and empowering questions, self-awareness and self-love, intuition, physiology of the breath, Work with the elements fire, water, air and earth

The training sessions start with a meditation, include elements of bodywork and movement, breath sessions with guidance and under supervision, meditations, the study of the "course in miracles". The integration of affirmations and tasks in the Everyday life helps to keep the energy moving and transformation happens on many levels. The togetherness in the group is confidential, mindful and supports and gives the individual one safe space to grow.

The contact of the participants in the authentic Dialogue and exchange between the meetings in the Group is supported.

Even if people do not feel the desire to become a teacher in Integrative Breathing can participation in the training they enrich their personal growth.