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What means Integrated Breathing?

Integrative breathing is a method that serves the development of the self and the expansion of consciousness. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, it is increasingly popular and has spread all over the world.

Integrative breathing is based on conscious, circular breathing, a practice that has been used in many cultures for thousands of years for healing, transformation and to achieve higher states of consciousness. It is a direct and effective method to solve tensions and stress at all levels - physically, emotional, and emotional, to heal trauma and to awaken to the inner truth. Integrative breathing allows access to levels of extended perception and consciousness, inner healing energy and greater knowledge.

With increasing confidence in the inner wisdom, the perception of the self changes and the world and the experience of life in a powerful way.

What people have experienced through the application of Integrative Breathing:

  • to feel more connected with oneself and others
  • reduced stress
  • increasing liveliness
  • Solve old memories, feelings and trauma
  • increasing compassion for themselves and other people
  • Increase the joy of life
  • Increase in self-love and loving relationships with others
  • feel good in the body and with your own feelings
  • Clarity about one's own way and the task of life
  • further experiences and results that can be experienced by integrative breathing:
Other effects of integrative breathing:
Thoughts are creative: