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Imprints by Birth

The transition from a warm, dark, sheltered environment in the mother's body to an environment that is so colder, brighter, sometimes glare, louder, and an abrupt interruption of continual security for nine long months is always a shock to the baby. Birth means an overwhelming abundance of new sensual and physical experiences that lack space, time, and mindfulness to integrate them. Life in the "New World" begins with the suppression of the intense experiences. The umbilical cord is severed at a time when the baby is not yet ready to breathe spontaneously. The first breath is the beginning of life in this world. This moment was for most of us accompanied by panic and death. Any form of narcosis is a powerful poison in the baby's body. Spoons and tongs can cause unbearable pain. Each intervention means an incision into the autonomy.

Questions about birth, which can draw attention to imprints:

Am I welcome, am I wanted, am I wanted as a girl/boy?

Am I a burden, am I too much? Am I too small/too big?

Am I causing other pain, especially the people I love the most?

Am I important? Am I feeling?

Do I feel determined by a force outside of me?

Is time a topic? Am I too early / too late? Am I not feeling ready yet or do I stick to situations too long?

Am I too fast? Am I too slow?

Am I afraid to fail?

Do I feel guilty?

Do I have to fight to survive?

Do I feel restrained? Do I expect others to solve my problems for me?

These questions are just a few examples, each birth certificate is individually different.

All experiences are stored from the moment of the conception. The embryo develops in the safe, protected, warm universe of the mother's body, is supplied with everything, feels connected and one with the mother, time is a continuum of infinity. To survive is more important to the embryo than food. With increasing size, the loving and warm environment becomes too small, threatening, suffocating, so that the embryo must find the only way out to survive.