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A Session includes ...

... a discussion, coaching and the specific practice of the conscious, connected Breath. Breathing assists in tensions the release of suppressed energies at the cellular level to solve. The person breathing feels more alive, more energy and his / her strength. The guidance in a session serves the fine perception of the body, the feelings and thoughts. To see the present topics in a perspective on childbirth, childhood and family patterns is supported. in the safety and the present moment is the dedication to the Power of the breath is a key to healing. The breathing is supported in unconditionally accepting everything that happens now and love. To apply this attitude also in daily life, proves to be valuable.

At the end of a session, it happens very often that people themselves deeply relaxed and happy, they feel peace in their thoughts, a more open heart and appetite for life.

At the end of a session is an opportunity to share the experiences, understand and integrate them on a deeper level. Affirmations and homework ensure that the energy keeps flowing and transformation can happen on many levels.